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Mini ninebot with Handle

Electric Transportation...

Mini ninebot with Handle

  • Total Weight 12/80 kg
  • Portable weight 120 kg
  • Plastic alloy body
  • Wheel diameter 260 mm
  • Rubber tire
  • Maximum speed 18 km / h
  • Maximum scrolling 30 km
  • Intelligent Balance System
  • Lightweight and has a width that is commensurate with the width of the shoulder
  • Power 2100 watts and lithium battery
  • The required distance to complete the drying of 3-4 meters
  • IP54 standard
  • Water resistant and even usable in the rain
  • Full charge time 4 hours
  • Tilt up to 20 degrees
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • LED for braking and turning left and right
  • Having the right mode for beginners
  • Suitable for seniors 8 - 50 years
  • Compatible with people 1 - 2 meters high

Features Nine Bot Scooter:

Nowadays, many tools have been designed and manufactured to help people in their personal transportation, including the Scooter Nine Bot Zipco. This scooter model allows you to easily and easily pass through long, hard and 15-degree gradients due to its high-quality structure as well as the bundle in the middle of the machine.

With a full 4 hour charge, it can travel at speeds of up to 30 km (18 km/h), which is about four times the speed of walking. It only weighs 12.8 kg, which can easily be fitted anywhere And this increases its daily efficiency.

The Nine Bot Zipco scooter has IP54 standard, which can be used easily under the rain with a high coefficient of water resistance.

The body of Nine Bot Zipco scooter is made by magnesium alloy, in addition to its long life, it can maintain the strength and stability of the device during driving time. With Nine bot Zipco scooters, you'll be able to get rid of traffic jams, air pollution, long and tedious traffic, transportation costs, and other life-threatening problems in populated cities. And transport with pleasure and tranquility.



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