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Sweet Electric Scooter

Electric Transportation...

Sweet Electric Bike

Beautiful appearance
Weight 17,200 kg
Engine power 350 W
Portable weight 110 kg
Speed 30 kyometers per hour
Dimensions 1050 - 996 - 566 mm
Dimensions are 1050 - 600 - 290 mm

Ability to use Flexible Sweeper:

Modern transportation, clean air, ease-of-use, time-saving, cost savings and performance charm are all targets for electric scooters.

The electric scooter is a smart, environmentally friendly, portable, and portable electric vehicle designed for urban daily use, and therefore the use of these scooters in advanced European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden has increased sharply and Many fans of different ages are attracted to it and for combined travel along the subway, bus or car, most of the world's advanced cities are the first choice of many people because they occupy a small space due to folding and can Easily place at work, school, under the desk, inside the car or inside the wardrobe Rand.

The battery is a lithium-powered, durable, lithium scooter that will be fully charged within 4 hours by connecting to the city's electric power, and can then travel at a maximum speed of 18 kilometers per hour, with a distance of 30 kilometers. Other positive points include the ability to easily walk 15-degree slopes. The body and rims of this machine are made of magnesium alloy, which makes the scooter more durable and more durable.

The scooter is resistant to water and can easily be used even under rain. The ability to connect to the smartphone and the IP54 standard is another important feature of this device.

Folding electric scooters are the perfect and exciting choice for enjoying clean, exciting sports for all ages.



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